This is the story of how a simple vacation ruined my normal life in a very wonderful way.

In 2013 my aunt and uncle asked me if I could fill a spot on a bird watching tour in Costa Rica. It would be in March 2014.  I love Costa Rica so I quickly said, “YES!”  That decision started me on a wonderful journey that won’t be complete until I leave this world.

If you are currently a bird watcher or just interested in the natural beauty of the world we live in, please take a look at some of the amazing birds, animals, plants and sights I’ve seen since beginning this incredible hobby.

To see photos taken on this life-long journey and read my story, please explore my Posts & Photos.  If you want some more technical, albeit from my point of view information read my Tips & Tricks.

Feel free to comment as well.  Questions, kudos,  and constructive criticism will always be welcome.

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