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Here are some links to websites I can recommend.  Just click on the high-lighted text and the linked website will open on a new tab in your browser.

I have personal experience with any travel agencies I recommend on this page.  I hope you find these links helpful on your birding journey as well.


Within the United States:

National Audubon Society


Check out Tommy DeBardeleben’s website  I found this site very informative and easy to use. I hope you do too.








A wonderful on-line source for people visiting southern Nevada is Jim Boone’s website.  Not only will you find many places to go bird watching in Nevada and around the Las Vegas area, but he has also added many photos of animals and plants that are found in this area.  I use his website as a tool for identification when I can’t seem to pin down a particular species.  It has also helped me to find easy hikes that I feel comfortable traveling alone if no one is available to go with me to look for birds.

Traveling outside the U.S.

Costa Rica

I have traveled to Costa Rica several times. So far only once as a birdwatcher, but even while on previous trips I was interested in the natural beauty and animals of the area.  If you’re looking for a great birding trip to Costa Rica I can personally recommend Costa Rica Vacations, specifically Joan Borelli.  My aunt and uncle found her by accident while searching for a travel agent to arrange a birding expedition in Costa Rica.  Fortunately, Joan’s husband, Rudy Zamora is a well known guide and birding expert in the country.  If you can’t contract Rudy as your guide, then I am sure Joan or any of her colleagues can recommend a guide just as knowledgeable and friendly.

Also, I would like to recommend a great book about making a permanent move to Costa Rica.  The author and her husband quit their businesses in Pennsylvania in their mid30’s and moved to Costa Rica.  Her book is fun to read and very educational regarding what it would be like to move to a foreign country, specifically Costa Rica.  The author is Nadine Pisani.  Her first book is Happier than a “Billionaire, Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica, and Living the Zero Hour Work Week”. I laughed all the way through the first book and am currently reading the sequel.  I still want to move to Costa Rica some day, but maybe I won’t build a home – I’ll just rent.

Nadine Pisani has written several sequels to this book and her “Escape Manual” is in its second edition.  She also has a blog by the same name I can recommend as well as a public Facebook page.  Here are the links…  Happier than a and on Facebook Happier Than A Billionaire


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